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What is Coaching?

Here are my thoughts about “coaching” and its value in our process :

  • Learning is a byproduct of our existence on this planet and some even consider it a key reason for being here altogether – one way we learn effectively is through our interaction with others.  When we were children, our first coaches were our parents – and unfortunately for some, our parents were not the best at it.  Effective coaches are individuals outside our daily connections who are able to bring a fresh perspective into our life process.  These individuals  have done inner work and are able to take an authentic and supportive stance next to you .
  • One of the most important aspect of a coach-client relationship is accountability.  Oftentimes it is too easy to fall back into our areas of comfort and procrastinate.  There are various reason’s why we procrastinate, including but not limited to the fear of failure, fear of success, poor habits and discipline.  Making a commitment with someone else to take concrete steps towards a defined goal works wonders in making things happen for you in the world.
  • A coach is able to hear you in a non-judgmental space that you may not be able to attain from those immediately around you.
  • A Coach will hold space for you to share and bring all your vulnerabilities, challenges as well as your grand visions and goals.
  • A Coaching process can help you both build and maintain forward momentum in your current goals and aspirations for you and your business.
  • An effective coach is able to look past your “perceived” shortcomings and help you both see and accentuate your positive gifts.
  • A Coach can help get you unstuck – perhaps in an area of your life/work where you may think you’re not stuck.  Together you will build momentum.
  • A Marketing Coach and a marketing session can help you see new avenues for marketing your product or service.  Here is a chance to allow yourself to collaboratively think out of the box.
  • A Coach can not do “the work” for you but can help you remove as many percieved obstacles as possible from your path.
  • Our process will empower you to take bold moves, made decisions in ways that you may not have been able to in the past, manifest realities in ways you can only imagine, all so that you can become more resilient.
  • As a  Coach I’m not always right!  As a human being, I bring my gifts and my areas of growth(too many to list here!) into each session.  We are ALL teachers.  In our sessions, we learn from each other and I see it as Co-Creation.
  • Our coming together at this moment in time, in the NOW, is destiny at play – and we’re the orchestrator.  We are here to work together to uncover the mystery and have fun in the process.  I value our moments together.

In Peace & Joy


Dear Leo,

Hi. I hope you’re well and the New Year has started on the right foot for you.Prior to the New Year I made a decision to take on a challenge for myself and my coaching practice. I decided to give freely 2 hours of business and marketing coaching to 15 people in 30 days starting today 1-11-11.I am doing this for a number of reasons, but the key one is that I value you and what I know about your work.I have a gift to offer, and the process of helping you get your gift in front of more people is the value I will gain in this exchange.I don’t ask anything in return.

Perhaps you are wondering about how to market your art differently, online or office, via social media, explore new partnerships, or simply need to talk to someone collaboratively to move a real or perceived obstacle.

I’m wondering if you are at a place where you can use a couple of hours of coaching to get you down the right path in your art business – 2 hours where I commit to be fully present and committed to you and your business.If you feel you are in that place then please let me know as soon as possible so that I can reserve the best time slots on my calendar for you.If you don’t see a fit at this time, perhaps you know of someone who could take advantage of this offer and is in resonance with my practice ( If so, then please feel free to forward them this email/offer. All that I ask is that you(or whomever you forward this email to) to go to my website and fill out the contact form and contact me in the next two weeks.I know this is short notice, but the purpose of this email is to quickly locate those who can use my help right now – taking advantage of this powerful time of the year for manifesting dormant goals!

I look forward to hearing from you.

In Peace and Joy,