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My Services

Explore the service models that best fit your needs:

Step 1: Contact me for an informal no obligation phone consultation/chat – This allows  both of us to feel if we are meant to work together.  It may be helpful to first check out my brief philosophy on the values of coaching at “What is coaching” page off of the homepage.   Contact me to schedule this session.   If we don’t connect right away, I will be in touch within 24hrs if not sooner.

Step 2: To continue, you’ll want to consider one of the following arrangements/packages.  Initially, I require a minimum commitment of 3 months.  If you’re feeling a bit of hesitation, don’t worry,  its natural.  The reason for this requirement is that it reinforces both of our commitment to your business and personal growth.  Even though my sessions with clients are powerful, I would be negligent in saying that true transformation happens in one session or in one month.   My aim is to help you get to where you want to go as quickly as possible and with coaching, there is a commitment to the process and equal commitment to doing the work.

Details of the sessions are explained below:

Collaboration Package (Sliding Scale rates available) – Please contact me for rates and “multi-month” discounts.

  • 4 – (1.5 hr.) sessions on the phone or in person per month.  These session are scheduled such that we meet 2 weeks in a row and take the 3rd  week off and start back on the 4th week. This allows for both a break and a week of integration and expansion on your own.
  • Unlimited email support. Response will be provided within 24 hours not including weekends.

The flow:

  • These sessions provide space and opportunity to uncover obstacles should they exist,  explore new business and marketing strategies, or to lay the structure for maximum momentum.
  • This time can be used to analyze/review ideas, marketing executions (ie. design work, graphics, website content, marketing materials, etc. – to be sent prior to the meeting)
  • These sessions live in the moment – I hold information from previous sessions for continuity and often accountability however much happens in the moment and we will have the opportunity to explore all that comes up during the session and where applicable, relate it back to a previous session.


  1. Sessions are scheduled in advance to be held either in person here in my home-office in Nicasio, a jointly determined location in Marin or via phone.  Please inquire about regularly scheduled session in San Francisco.  With advanced notice, sessions can be audio-recorded (both in person and on phone).
  2. Monthly Payments  must be made in full prior to the beginning of sessions. Payments can easily be made via Paypal from the Payment Page from the home page.
  3. Please see “My Personal Guarantee”  and “Cancellation Policy” below.

My Personal Guarantee!

I want your complete satisfaction.  Should you decided after the first session that you’d like a refund, I will happily refund all of your monthly payment.

Alliance Package  (per month) Please contact me for rates.

What’s included:

  • 8 scheduled 1-1.5 hr sessions per month (2 per week) on the phone or in person.
  • Unlimited email support during the week(Monday-Friday  –  Emails are responded to within a 24hr (sooner when possible) .

The flow, Logistics and My Personal Guarantee are same as the “Collaboration” Package

Alchemy Package (per month) Please contact me for rates

What’s included:

  • Unlimited number of scheduled sessions on the phone or in person per month – No time restriction on sessions.
  • Unlimited email support during the week(Monday-Friday  –  Emails are responded to within a 24hr (sooner when possible) .

The flow, Logistics and My Personal Guarantee are same as the “Collaboration” Package

Cancellation Policy

Please provide as much advance notice of your need to cancel a scheduled appointment.  No refunds will be provided if cancellation is made within 24 hours of the start of your session.

* I am available to work on special projects of longer durations on a case by case basis. Please contact me.