The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action.

Areas of Expertise

  • Product and service definition support.
  • Business model support.
  • Explore strategic relationships and partnerships ; ways to collaborate and co-create.
Marketing (Traditional & Internet)
  • Explore marketing avenues & refine marketing language – finding greater resonance with your inner voice.
  • Define and fine-tune your target customers, competitors and potential partners.
  • Evaluate current branding elements and consistency with mission and goals – Evaluate authenticity and integrity of messaging and branding.
  • Feedback on site content, usability, and navigability.
  • Email campaign strategy.
Social Media
  • Jointly explore social media phenomena and its relevance to your business – Define best routes for business success.
  • Support in defining the voice within various social media platforms and services (ie. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Blogs, etc.)
  • Explore various marketing tactics for maximizing social media impact.
Technology/Internet Functionality
  • Recommendations on technology implementations (where applicable specific resources will be provided)
  • Recommendation on site infrastructure
  • Recommendations on necessary functionality for business success and integration with existing and planned marketing activities.
Socially responsible business/ Conscious Business (Doing good while doing well)
  • Provide environmental sustainability strategy
  • Strategy around human health impact assessment
  • Evaluate marketing strategies
  • Explore ways to “give back”
Revolutionary and Evolutionary Strategies (Raising global consciousness & Healing the planet)
  • Explore alternative business models.
  • Explore alternative health and healing models.
  • Explore alternative technologies effecting all aspect of human existence.
  • Explore alternative realities outside of mainstream modalities
  • Evolutionary strategies and visions to support collective ascension.
  • Marketing and business strategies in support of these initiatives