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Cal-Poly Promotion



Exclusive Cal-Poly Alumni Offer

Ending Friday September 16th!

Sorry but this offer has ended!

Dear Poly Alumni – Do still read the paragraphs below from the expired deal and then check out my website, my services and my thoughts on coaching.  If what you see peaks your curiosity, contact me for a no-obligation 30 minute consultation.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Dear friends and colleagues,

Hooman's PhotoI’d like to introduce myself. My name is Hooman Rabieh, I am a former Cal Poly graduate living in San Francisco Bay area (Marin County).  After Cal Poly, I began my career working at one of the top consumer electronics companies in the world. My life has taken me from being a successful marketing manager at Intel corporation to working at start-ups, consulting, non-profits and now business:life coaching. More importantly in my journey, I spent a great deal of energy and resources to explore my life’s passion and purpose and embarked upon the most fantastic spiritual journey to the center of me – that sacred place within all of us that knows the complete truth of who we are and what we’re meant to do in our life.  How would it be to once again listen to that?  I will help you!  Today I passionately support and empower individuals who want to manifest their greatest joys through their unique gifts, their business, service/practice or product and choose to be paid properly  and deservedly for it – without compromise.

During coaching sessions, I combine traditional business and marketing skills with my intuitive abilities to see and integrate your business and your life blueprint holistically. I tap into your Brilliance to propel you along your path to success both in your business life as well as your personal life.

Take a look, do any of these apply to you and what you deeply wish for yourself – today:

  • To get unstuck and get clear on how to effectively launch or manage a thriving business
  • Make the kind of income that reflects your true value and your unique gifts
  • To attract the ideal clients and customers
  • To painlessly market your business in all forms (online, off-line or via social media)
  • To make bold decisions without fear
  • To “sell” what you have with integrity without being a “salesperson”
  • To live a full and authentic life where you manifest with the greatest of ease
  • To feed your soul and your wallet at the same time!

I’m excited to be offering 5 Cal Poly Alumni & Friends a free no-obligation session up to One and a half hours.   In this one and a half hours, we’ll have the opportunity to experience magic and create a shift.

Can you take full advantage of this coaching session to create momentum, get clarity for your endeavor and  to experience the process of working with a coach – an hour and a half where I commit to being fully present and committed to you and your business? If you feel you are in that place, take a look at my website and see if you resonate with what I have to say and then please let me know as soon as possible so that I can reserve the best time slots on my calendar for you.

I only ask that you contact me by EOD Friday September16th to take advantage of this offer.

I see clients in person both in Marin County and San Francisco,  or remotely via phone.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In service, peace and joy,