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“My sessions with Hooman were enlightening. He doesn’t just look at your business and business goals. He has a more holistic approach and really tries to get a sense of who you are and what your life looks like. Then he looks at what is realistic for your business…. He got me thinking and really prioritizing, which was very empowering. Thank you, Hooman.”

Simone de Winter, Marin Ayurveda, (

“Hooman coaching sessions have been very productive and of great value not just to my new business but to me as an individual and how I deal with opportunities in life. We focused on much more than just strategy for growing brand awareness and sales activity. Hooman also gave me insight as to how I was creating my own resistance to a number of opportunities currently available to me which I have consequently now been able to access. This has been an invaluable lesson that has come from interacting with Hooman and is not something I would have gleaned from a book or video. I feel it is unique benefit resulting from the holistic approach Hooman uses through knowledge, business acumen, perception and sensitivity in his life coaching practice.”

Chantal Vincent, Chantal Vincent Art (

“My experience working with Hooman was powerful. His presence and reflections helped me to get beneath the many layers of limited thinking and small mindedness about my psychotherapy practice to see the vast potentials of my work. I was able to clarify something essential about myself and what I want to offer. Now I feel more free to dream big, and move with confidence toward manifesting my work on a larger scale in the world.”

Payton Tontz, MA, MFT – Transpersonal Psychotherapist & Spiritual Counselor (

“Hooman is kind and open – and very practical. In just two hours we covered a lot of ground discussing marketing options for my new small illustration business. Hooman offered a wealth of suggestions that I had overlooked – such as new ways of sharing promotional tools with my online artist community-  I liked that these were of benefit to all of us.  He picked up on what I needed to work on quickly and integrated those insights into his advice. I felt very inspired.”

Kitty Kilian , Kitty Kilian Illustratie(

” Working with Hooman was huge for, Huge! I was at a crossroads, stuck, lacked confidence, and was simply unsure of how to proceed with my ideas. I felt “seen” by Hooman, and his intuitive nature and practical business sense strengthened me. He helped me identify and re-connect with gifts and talents, and what really matters to me. Hooman honored and acknowledged the “dream inside”, then helped me develop a working plan that encourages and allows my “best-self” to be in the world. ”
Karen Stover, Cleveland, OH

“Hooman brought a thoughtful and thorough point of view to all strategic initiatives. His proactive and insightful approach was an asset to the development team.”
Linda Spegar, Marin Waldorf School Board Member

“Hooman provides thoughtful and insightful analysis for strategic planning purposes. He is also a pleasure to work with.”
Molly Hoyt, Partner, Origo Global Business Advisors

“Hooman is both a consummate professional and an insightful thinker. He moves nimbly between the worlds of marketing, communications, strategy, and technology, and he’s gregarious and broad-minded to boot. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with him at alonovo and hope to work with him again some day.”
Ethan McCutchen, Director of Research and Analytics, alonovo

“Hooman is an excellent business development executive. He is abreast of the latest technology and business trends, a great evangelist. He negotiates the right deal for both partners…”
Raza Zaidi, Director of Marketing, Intel