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Meet Hooman

Hello and welcome,

I am a multidimensional, constantly evolving and ever learning person.  I weave disciplines of business, marketing, technology, psychology, philosophy with a healthy dose of consciousness, spiritual awareness and intuition to guide clients through their business and personal  life journey – Are they not inseparable?  Read more about me, my thoughts on coaching, then contact me to explore a potential fit …

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Hooman Rabieh

I am a husband, a partner, a father to a joyful young girl, a son, a brother and a member of my family and community. To my work I bring all these aspects along with all my professional history, personal experiences, observations, lessons from teachers, and timeless teachings read and pondered upon.  I continue to learn from all my relations, work interactions, attended events and seminars and of course my clients.  Often my most profound learnings comes from complete stillness – taping into the void.

My work experience includes having managed Multi-Million dollar marketing programs and strategic relationships at Intel corporation with Fortune 500 Media and Internet companies such as Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, Yahoo, and Adobe to name a few.  I have been part of start-ups, raised capital and developed business plans. In my journey to live a more conscious life, I’ve explored the intersection of business and consciousness – through first launching a socially responsible shopping portal and rating service called, then consulting with Natural Capital Institute, and later at Origo Inc. where I consulted with companies and non-profit organizations on “doing well and doing good”.   I continue to integrate the latest trends in Internet, Social-media, Technology and Human behavior in making my clients successful – Through personal and inner work, I strive to segregate hype from reality.  I am fluent in the language of sustainability, LOHAS and consult with clean-energy companies.

As part of my personal and spiritual growth, I strive to bring greater awareness into all aspects of my life and work.  In that pursuit, I’ve been exposed to many traditions and modalities for relating to our experience in this lifetime.  What is clear to me is that we create our realities at every moment and that we only tap into a small portion of what we are truly capable of achieving.  What all this means to my clients is that I have the ability to fully integrate your business and your life’s work into a more expansive picture that informs the service I provide to you.  These qualities as well as my visionary and intuitive abilities will be guiding me in my collaboration and alliance with you.

I look forward to meeting you on your amazing journey.

In peace and joy,
Hooman Rabieh

Read further about me and explore the site, then contact me to see if we resonate and are meant to work together.