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About Lightworks Strategies

I provide a mix of  business/Life coaching & marketing strategy consulting  service to businesses and individuals.  Based in beautiful Marin County (San Francisco Bay area.)  I provide services throughout the United States and Internationally.  Do you feel there is more you can be doing as a business owner?  Want to bring your unique gift or talent into the world? Increase your revenue and impact?

My strength lies in helping you unleash the full potential of your brand through thoughtful strategies in traditional, Internet and Social Media realms and bringing greater clarity and alignment to you or your product/service’s Voice.

I work with a broad spectrum of people and find great resonance with individuals and businesses which choose to operate in a more heart-centered fashion seeking to align their fiscal mission with “the greater good” such as Healing Professionals, Conscious & Value-driven Businesses, Green and Sustainable Products and Services, New Energy, New Economy, and Light Workers.